Accessible Trails


Although there isn’t much information on accessible trails in the county, the Onondaga County Park Discovery Guide (PDF) notes several trails within the county, along with their surface type, length & width, and accessibility. The table below lists the noted trails (information as of 6/2012), or you can download the guide and look on page 9.

Park/Trail Name Surface Length/Width Accessibility
Onondaga Lake Park
East Shore Recreation Trail Paved 3.5m/20’ High
Lakeland Trail  Natural 1m Low
Shoreline Walking Trail Paved 2m/10’ High
West Shore Trail – John Haley Memorial Trail Paved 2m/10’ High
Erie Canalway
Jordan Level Trail Stone  Dust 4.7m/8’ Mid
Highland Forest
Horseback Riding Natural 11m/8’
Main Trail Natural 8.7m/5’ Low
Mountain Biking Natural 23.7m/3’-8’ Low
Nature Trail Natural 1m/5’ Low
Short Cut Trail Natural 3.6m/5’ Low
Beaver Lake Nature Center
Bog Boardwalk .6m/4’ Low
Deep Woods Bark Chip 1.4m/8’ Mid
Hemlock  Hollow Bark Chip .4/8’ Mid
Lake Loop Bark Chip/Boardwalk 3m/8’ Mid
Lakeview Trail Fine gravel .3m/8’ High
Pine Meadows Bark Chip .5/8’ Mid
Three Meadows Bark Chip 1.5m/8’ Mid
Woodland Bark Chip 1.1m/8’ Mid
Pratt’s Falls
Pratt’s Falls Natural 4.4m/5’ Low
Jamesville Beach
Cross-Country Trail Natural,  Bark Chip, Grass 10k/5-16’ Mid
Fishing Access Trail Natural,  Bark Chip, Grass .4m/5-10’ Mid

Onondaga County Parks also provides information about available services for people with disabilities.

Other Accessibility Information